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Downloading TI 83 Programs from a Computer

  1. Get a USB cable for your calculator. TI-84 calculators come with a proper cable USB cable. 

  2. Download each of the add-in programs from this website to your desktop.  Go to the program description page and click on the program name. (note: Downloading will not work with the Safari Browser. Use Explorer or Google Chrome.)

  3. You will need a copy of the TI Connect software.  Go to to download a copy of TI Connect Software.  Install the TI Connect Software on your computer by double-clicking the downloaded file.

  4. Connect the USB cable to your calculator and the computer.

  5. Start TI Connect.

  6. Click on the TI Device Explorer Window in the Program.

  7. Close TI Connect, but leave the TI Device Explorer Window open on the desktop.

  8. Drag each of the add-in programs from the desktop download into the TI Device Explorer Window.  The programs will then be transferred to your calculator by the program.